Gar Alperovitz interview with Paul Jay on Real News : Democratizing Wealth

Gar Alperovitz was recently interviewed on Real News by Paul Jay in a series of five interviews which cover some autobiographical material of his varied and rich life around issues of social and economic justice.

Gar in his early career  researched  and wrote on the USA ‘s dropping the atomic bomb on Japan. He then went on to be a research assistant to progressive politicians in congress.

He explains why   conventional politics is no longer effective in realising economic and social change, which depended on the support of effective labour unions that are now weakened.

Instead he advocates a strategy of rebuilding from the ground up, a process which democratizes wealth for people,  community and workplace.  He is part of the Democracy Collaborative which is involved in action research, by supporting the development of the Evergreen Cooperatives in run down  areas of Cleveland, Ohio.

He has recently written a short book giving an outline of these ideas for action, this is covered in the interview.  Though he is writing for an American audience some of what he suggests might be applicable in the UK.


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