If you do not like how things are, we can always begin to do different!

Corporate and financial Capital is interwoven with institutional power, have largely captured government.  Corporate leaders,  and financiers do not protest, instead through  controling asserts, dictate to  us  to make the world for their convenience. The democratic element of government has weakened as government and corporations have  grown, and this confined to government, but democracy can never be complete until applied to the economy. Democracy may not be perfect but is usually associated with rights and some freedoms.  Protest and opposition have their place but there is a need  to also  become counter positional, meaning building up a democratic economy .  The current Cooperative and mutuals though nominally democratic are stiffly corporate. The newer  coops are usually tiny and marginal. A new wave of democratic enterprises are needed, these can  be underwritten by democratic mutual funds,   to support cooperative formation. Skills, adequate products, competent administration and coherent finance have to be brought together. There are historic precedence for this, the British working class built up an array of democratic enterprises in the C19, friendly societies, building societies, insurance, co-operatives and trade unions.   Recovering Solidarity and Mutuality as principle and practice can do this and might help rebuild a  democratic pubic sector.


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