Will the USA be the source of progress to a democratic economy?

America might be the place were a new wave of developments to radical economic democracy becomes viable. Radical progressives maybe a minority but might be growing as economic conditions become meaner.  It seems that the young are asking questions.  The article which is linked here gives a flavor of the thinking going on there.  It might just be doable with a mixture of democratic principles balanced with American pragmatism.

One thought on “Will the USA be the source of progress to a democratic economy?

  1. One way of dealing with hostility is to come up with solutions which work and are disarming. Gar Alperovitz makes this point. He and others attempt to speak beyond their home constituency of support.
    They are also involved with practical pioneering projects, Evergreen Coops in Cleveland, Ohio. In Cincinnati the United Steelworkers Union is supporting the development of Union Coops inspired by the Mondragon Coops. If they succeed then this will inspire others. In the USA they are not inhibited in discussing ideological principles which in the UK tends to be dealt in a mealy mouthed way. This needs backing up with competent practice, but they are experimenting and deserve support.

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