The NHS is ours! If you want it reclaim it!

Is there a first small step to Economic Democracy in the NHS?

The NHS should be ours! If you want it reclaim it!   The idea and practice of Economic Democracy which should apply to mutuals and cooperatives directed by membership be they workers or community,  can also be applied to the public sector such as the NHS.  Perhaps a first step has been taken with the election of some trustees to NHS Trusts.  Their powers are limited so a next step is to campaign to strengthen these and demand powers over other  areas such as GP commissioning. This may yet be a route for the people to rescue the NHS as a public service.  A public sector that the people feel belongs to them directly and not by a displaced agency such as the state in the hands of institutional power is more likely to be defended by popular demand.   People are free to sign up as members of their NHS trust at no direct cost to themselves but it is a way of registering interest and gives the right to vote for trustees;  perhaps no big deal but a first step that can be worked on. The same principe might be extended to other areas of the public sector and in local government. A  public conversation on these issues is needed.

See Link to Bath NHS Trust newsletter


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