Is there a Mutual Road to Economic Democracy?   ;   Links to information resources

Note:  This blog will be a note pad on which ideas on how it might be possible to build up enterprises based on mutual and cooperative principles, that extend participation and democracy in the workplace, finance and other aspects of economic and social life.   How might this be possible, what already exists, what are the benefits and what are the problems, all are questions which can be addressed

The links are there to guide any interested reader to a variety of options that point to enterprises with potential democratic content; these may vary from a deep democratic collective as a workers cooperative such as Suma, to the John Lewis Partnership which allows some employee representation on is governing body and whose ownership is held by a trust.

Advice on Cooperatives; Cooperative UK site is full of information  this has been sorted  on this blog to links on topics.   Radical Routes Cooperatives have a  series of booklets which are informative this can be accessed on this blog by Root Stock link. 

The numbered items are linked and hopefully will develop into a booklet exploring the themes indicated.

People are invited to make comments or contributions relevant to the topics of the blog.

Note on: Is there a Mutual Road to Economic Democracy?

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